LifeBaby follows a soft method when exploring swim safety and bath
routine. We start babies from 3 months to 36 months to better equip
our babies to understand their movements and become aware of their
surroundings while in the water. Age is the biggest enemy for learning
to swim. The longer it takes to expose baby the more their swimming
abilities and natural reflexes decline.

• We incorporate land based activities to better increase gross and fine
motor skills, and sensory activities.

• Life Baby techniques have been perfected to accommodate each baby’s
needs (separation anxiety, teething, reflexes, water confidence or swim
safety). Each baby is gaining a different benefit from the water each

• Babies have a natural affinity for water therefore they learn to swim
through discovery, fun and play.

• Despite the gentle structure of our classes each lesson provides a
complete physical workout, strengthening babies heart, lungs, and
respiratory system which in turn aids the development of the brain.


• Infant massage has led to weight gain in pre-term infants, increases
noted vagal activity, gastric motility, insulin and IGF-1 levels following
moderate massage pressure which form underlying mechanisms.

• Infant massage is known to significantly decrease paternal stress.

• Life Baby specialized massage assists with easing tummy troubles,
teething pains and boosts their muscle development.

• Infant massage also helps to calm baby and soothe them to sleep.