Our beautiful younger child, Jessica, was born on the 27th June 2014. Soon after she was born, it was discovered that she had a venous sinus thrombosis or, a cloth in her brain. She was unable to suck at all and began having seizures when she was 5 days old. She also had very low muscle tone in her body, especially in her legs, and shortened hip ligaments because of lying with her legs straight up, rather than knees bent, in utero. She came home to her big sister, Julia, and us after spending a month in Neo Natal ICU.
We found out about Life Baby through a friend and Jess started in the pool in October 2014 when she was 3 and a half months old. By then the clot had dissolved but she remained on the strong anti-seizure drugs to ensure that she did not have any more seizures.
From the moment that we walked into Life Baby, we were showered with love, empathy and, most importantly, hope! Life Baby treated Jessica (and I!) with tenderness and gave of their utmost at every session, to make her experience a happy one. After the first few sessions, we agreed that the treatment would be beneficial to Jess and so sent her twice a week for four months.
Jessica benefited from being free in the water as she could float with the bubby on and move in the water as she wanted to and was able to. From the moment, she was placed in the water she started to try to kick her little legs and move her arms. She had a much greater range of movement in the water than she did out and it was a wonderful form of gentle exercise for her as the therapy strengthened her weak muscles but did not over-stimulate her.
Jessica definitely enjoyed her sessions and was normally very calm while in the water. We also believe that the hydrostatic pressure was very good for her blood circulation and muscle tone. She received a calming and loving massage from Helen after being in the water. Jess always slept very well on the way home after being at Life Baby
Jessica’s sessions at Life Baby ended in March 2015, only because she eventually became too big for the pool and started to move her body around too much. She has since continued hydrotherapy with a biokineticist and from the start Jessica was very calm in the water and did not require an adjustment period at the beginning as her time at Life Baby had prepared her well for water therapy.
Life baby staff are caring, loving and dedicated to the well being of the babies in their care. They have shown a genuine interest in Jessica and have kept in touch with us since we stopped our sessions. Although Jessica’s development is behind other babies her age, she is catching up slowly but surely and we feel that her sessions in the water laid an invaluable foundation for her therapy and rehabilitation and therefore recommend Life Baby for all babies.

Caroline Maloney (Registered Nurse)

Life Baby is the most amazing most incredible place for babies. The water is best but the people qualified and so caring compassionate and pure baby whisperers are amazing they help babies through everything from colic to sleep to strength to teething to tummy problems to reflux to milestones.

I have been with Life Baby since Mai Lee was 2 1/2 months next week she is 10 months. It has drastically helped her in many and everyway.

Thank you Life Baby

Melisa Tamara-Sebregts Da Silva, Your Content Goes Here

The best thing I could do for my precious Fiore “Miss Baby Nana” was to bring her to this amazing place every week for 6 months. It calmed her. Assisted in her growth and development. Strengthened her muscles. Boosted her confidence and encouraged her to be independent. She loved the massage as well of course.
A definite must for any premature baby. Worth every minute and every cent.

Thank you a million times Life Baby. Fiore is now 2yrs old going to crèche and such a happy child. The odds were against her in every way being born at 24 weeks and spending 4 months in hospital. You contributed tremendously in our journey. Less occupational therapy and physiotherapy because of you. And thank God my Miss Baby Nana is healthy and strong.

Lule Setjeo

Being a new parents can be truly daunting, and for 2 weeks, we battled to understand this concept of silent re-flux. After trying alternatives, we decided on a trial session at Life Baby we ended up attending twice a week for 11 months and it was truly a sad day when we had to wish the team goodbye.
I truly believe that these sessions attributed to not only a healthier baby, but also a confident and independent one. She has developed a love for water, which has made other facets such as swimming lessons a breeze.
Life Baby became part of our weekly activities.
Words cannot fully express my gratitude and love for this amazing team of people that run this establishment. Vicky is a burst of energy and full of life. Aunt Helen is a truly special soul – she has an abundance of love, which she expresses towards each person. There were times when Kiran refused to have the float around her head and alternatives were made for her.
It is more the exception than the norm to experience service levels as that experienced at Life Baby
I will truly miss these wonderful souls and the entire therapist that we have met along the way.

Verisha Singh

My name is Tracey Sydenham. I run a well-baby clinic in Linksfield Hospital, attached to a pediatric practice with Dr Klass and Dr Slowatek.
A lot of my patients, as well as patients in the practice, have gone for treatments at the Life Baby in Greenstone, at the Greenvalley shopping Centre.
We have only heard amazing stories. All our mommies have been so happy and impressed with the entire spa experience, from the caring and supportive attitude of the staff, to seeing amazing results in their little ones.

After listening to the stories from our mommies, and seeing the improvement in muscle tone, and general wellbeing of some of our little patients, I was intrigued, so I decided to pop into Life Baby Greenstone to see for myself what really goes on. Wow, I was so impressed, the staff were amazing, so accommodating, allowing me to witness a treatment in progress, explaining everything. The facility is beautiful in itself, so sterile and well maintained. I loved every minute I spent at the Spa.

I would just like to say well done on an amazing facility, and a big thank you for your amazing service that you offer. It really is making a difference in the lives of our patients, as well as all the other people who walk through your doors.
Keep up the great work Life Baby

Tracey Sydenham RN, Linksfield baby clinic

This was by far one of the most special experience’s my baby enjoyed in her first 6 months, she was a regular. As a result, she developed a natural affinity for water. The massage techniques learnt are still used by me on Kimi. I recommend this experience to all new mothers!

The staff were always attentive and had an amazing manner with Kimi. We started out as clients and left as friends!

Well done… keep up the great service!

Paige Lecroix

Our Baby was born with two large protuding hernias near his belly button. Our doctor told us it would take 1 -2 years from them to go away, We started hydrotherapy with Helen in Greenstone at 8 weeks old, noth hernias were gone within 2 months.

Furhtermore our son started crawling at 6 and half months due to his strong core muscles. We highly Recommend hydrotherapy

Samantha Joubert Breganski

Carene Naubereit qualified Occupational Therapist July 2015
I have nothing but wonderful stories to tell of Life Baby. I am an occupational therapist and volunteer of 10 years at The Love of Christ Ministries in Eikenhof. My heart fell in love with a precious soul who in my eyes was nothing but perfect. However, in reality she is far from the norm. Baby G was born with cerebral palsy and Dandy Walker syndrome. Thank you to the kindness of Life Baby we were blessed to take her almost every week and she made such great progress in this time. Before beginning Baby sessions Baby G was not able to keep her head up for longer than a few seconds at a time were, she was unable to push on her arms when placed on her tummy, she could not roll and even grasping toys was difficult. Although her progress is slow her small achievements are so significant, she is now 2 years old and despite still not being able to sit independently she is now holding her head up for up to 15 minutes at a time, she pushes weight through her legs and can support some of her body weight when supported in standing, she is pushing into a partial sitting position, she is able to roll from her tummy to her back and is able to do a partial roll from her back to her side, she is even trying to pull herself up from her chair. Considering her condition these were all skills, which were not expected from her however, she beat these odds after attending Life Baby.
Through Life Baby, she had the opportunity to move around without hands on contact something she never gets to opportunity to do. The water provided her with the medium to move as it reduced the weight that gravity places on her already weak muscles. She was able to explore in the water and was able to kick and move freely. The neck ring provided such great support for her especially with her poor head control. Being a therapist myself, I often found it difficult to maintain her head upright while still encouraging the trunk and upper limb movements that she needed, the neck ring really helped to eliminate this aspect. Besides the therapeutic effects that the water provided the baby, massage was wonderful and she really enjoyed this tactile experience. We were always treated with utmost friendly and helpful service. The atmosphere is calm, a little slice of heaven in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Baby G made some wonderful friends along the way and we are both eternally grateful for what this opportunity has given her for future.

Carene Naubereit