We know what a regular day looks like for a parent with babies. We recognize the inconveniences and burdensome moments that inevitably arise. This is the basis from which we draw inspiration for our products. Through close co-operation with parents we then develop and improve the product until it meets Twistshake’s high standards.
Twistshake aspires to develop a product that is simple to use, yet also offers a visually appealing surface. We are of the opinion that aiming for functionality does not mean that we can ignore aesthetics, and our designers are always looking for ways to combine practicality with eye-pleasing design.
Babies are unique. They all have their individual needs, and these change at the same fierce rate that the babies themselves grow and develop. Our goal is to become experts in all the phases babies go through. When a child is faced with new challenges we want to be there to assist him by way of our innovative line of products.